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47 Nguyễn Tuân,

chủ đầu tư Gold Season 47 Nguyễn Tuân

, Hình ảnh căn hộ Goldseason

nội thất chung cư gold season

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A La Carte Menu





- Shampoo with conditioning ritual (45min)

350.000 VND

- Luxury Haircare Shampoo (60 min)

500.000 VND

Hair treatment with Oway cream by steaming (60min)

500.000 VND


- Manicure/Pedicure (45min) 250.000 VND
- Deluxe Manicure/Pedicure (60min) 370.000 VND

Head Rituals

- Ayurveda Hydro Head (60min) 930.000 VND
- Ayurveda Head Spa with essential oil (90min + Spa 20min) 1.700.000 VND


- Aroma Ritual with essential oil (60min + Spa 20min) 820.000 VND
- Thai Muscles and Joints Ritual (60min + Spa 20min) 820.000 VND
- Swedish Ritual (75min + Spa 20min) 990.000 VND
- Japanese Shiatsu Pressure Points Ritual (60min + Spa 20min) 1.020.000 VND
- Hot Stone & Oil Ritual (75min + Spa 20min) 1.200.000 VND


- Secret of Hymalaya (Spa 20min + 90min).

Feet care and body massage with salt stone

1.350.000 VND
Traditional Herbal Balls Ritual (90min + spa 20min) 1.500.000 VND
Feel Great
(body scrub with mineral salt & Marine Body Beauty combined ritual)
- Standard (Spa 20min + 75min) 1.100.000 VND

Total Body Pain Release
(It is special to combine Shiatsu, Thai, Oil & Hot Stone)
1.700.000 VND
- Rituals with 20min spa & 90min of ritual  
4 Best Hands Fusion
(interesting feeling in combining rituals by 2 therapists)
- Aromatherapy with essenial oil (Spa 20min + 60min) 1.590.000 VND
- Hot Stone Ritual (Spa 20min + 60min) 1.840.000 VND
- Traditional Herbal Balls Ritual (Spa 20min + 60min) 1.950.000 VND
Bamboo Tenssion Release (Spa 20min + 90min) 1.800.000 VND







- Being Vietnamese featured Ritual at Anam Spa Qt Spa only for reducing tired, tension pain release and better pulse/ blood circulation.  
6 Hands Absolute (Spa 20min + 60min) 1.900.000 VND
(Interesting feeling in combining Shiatsu, Thai & Swedish rituals by 3 therapists)  
Foot to shoulder  
- Arms & hands (30min) 390.000 VND
- Foot reflexology (60min) 420.000 VND
- Head neck & shoulders (30min) 500.000 VND
- Foot and hand reflexology (90min) 590.000 VND
- Herbal balls foot reflexology (75min) 580.000 VND
- Hips & legs (45min) 630.000 VND
- Neck shoulders & back (45min) 670.000 VND
- Under arms (15min ) 220.000 VND
- Arms (45min) 320.000 VND
- Full leg (60min) 600.000 VND
- Hand Parafin (30min) 320.000 VND
- Food Parafin (30min) 320.000 VND
Body care  
- Body Exfoliation/Scrub (45min) 650.000 VND
- Body Glow (Sesame- Honey) (60min) 790.000 VND
- Total Body Rejuvenating (seaweed) (75min) 1.250.000 VND
Body treatment  
- De-stretch marks Treatment Stomach/Thighs/Hips, Busts (45min) 760.000 VND
- Stomach/Upper Leg Sliming (Wrap/Ger) (60min) 850.000 VND
- Bust Enhancing Treatment (75min) 1.510.000 VND
- Body Slimming with Seaweed wrap (90min) 1.650.000 VND



Relax Facial

- Refreshing Facial with cucumber, Avocado, Aloevera (seasoning) (60min) 600.000 VND
- Anti-stress - Man loves it (60min) 700.000 VND
- Deep Clean (60min) 760.000 VND
- European Standard Facial (60min) 820.000 VND
- Brightening facial (75min) 990.000 VND
- Signature QT facial (90min) 1.200.000 VND
- Anti-Aging facial (75min) 1.250.000 VND

Enhancing Facial

- Facial with Neck beautifying (75min) 1.100.000 VND
- Facial with Eye beautifying (75min) 1.100.000 VND
- Pore Minimizing Treatment (75min) 1.500.000 VND

- Brightening treatment (75min)

1.500.000 VND
- Face Lift with Young Collagen (75min) 1.630.000 VND

- Restructuring treatment (90min)

1.700.000 VND
- Anti Blemish (Flower & Fruit Acid Treatment) (75min) 1.730.000 VND
- Keloids/ concave Repairing (90min) 1.900.000 VND