Anam QT Spa Sai Gon - The Zen Oasis of Beauty & Relax

Following along the alley, escaping from Saigon noise, you will see the sun gate is appearing. 
Are you ready for leaving the busy glamorous? Anam QT Spa always welcomes you in our warmest way. 
Anam QT Spa is the first established in Saigon, and becoming a lengendary spa story in town with its Asian oriented thru each moving, motion as a spa brearthe concept, to be proud of keeping the original of zen spa culture until now. 

Anam QT Spa is always welcoming you, 
even just for a tea, 
and you can fall down the cushion, enjoy the green ambient, 
in the rythym of melody... 
just enough for you to feel to be loved and free!!! 

Relaxing in the hidden zen and beauty oasis in the heart of city, where you can be penetrated in herbal steam, let your circulation happy in sauna with essential mint oil, or just strumming yourself for a soft touch of water and observe the city moving...

Saigon from the good old days until now, 
there is always Anam QT Spa - the Zen Oasis of Beauty and Relax.